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Wyoming #1
Big Horn Mountains Scenic Byway

State The 60-mile drive on U.S. 14 from Dayton to Shell takes about two hours. The road is occasionally closed in the winter. Drive west on U.S. 14 from Dayton and follow the Tongue River as it runs toward the Big Horn Mountains.

On your way to the Little Tongue River Canyon, stop at the Sand Turn Pullout to view Buffalo Tongue Rock. This is one of the rock layers that tilted as the Big Horn Mountains rose around 2.9 billion years ago. At the Little Tongue River Canyon, stop at the Fallen City turnout to view large limestone chunks that fell from the ridgeline along the canyon. To see the ancient Indian stone circle and Medicine Wheel, take the hour trip up U.S. 14A.

Staying on U.S. 14 brings you to Granite Pass, at 9,033 feet. Descend to Shell Canyon and visit the Shell Falls Interpretive Site. A self-guided nature trail along the granite chasm overlooks the falls. Driving below the falls, you will pass roadside exhibits that show where bighorn sheep congregate during winter. Past here, Shell Creek has carved cliffs of pink, orange, beige and reddish brown. You exit the western side of the Big Horn Mountains and drive into Shell about two hours later.

Starting Point:
Dayton, WY

Distance of Drive:
58 miles

Must Eat:
Branding Iron Steak House
517 Main Street, Dayton, WY 82836
Phone:    307-655-2334
Call ahead to confirm hours of operation.  
Good Stop For:     Steaks

Best Time of Year for Drive:
Late spring to fall

Points of Interest on Drive:
Shell Falls Interpretive Site
Buffalo Tongue Rock

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