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Nov 8, 1999

No More Running Out of Gas

It's dark, raining; there's no gas station in sight, and your fuel gauge is on empty. The feeling of wariness grows in the pit of your stomach with each passing mile. Will you run out of gas?

Now, a new product called Pennzoil Roadside Rescue Emergency Fuel Additive can take the butterflies out of your gut when you're running low on fuel. According to its manufacturer, Roadside Rescue is a safe, conveniently packaged fuel additive that helps transport out-of-gas vehicles about 10 miles after the gas tank has run dry.

The gasoline substitute comes in half-gallon containers, and it can be stored safely in the trunk of a car for up to five years. Unlike gasoline, the new product has been formulated to burn only at extremely high temperatures and therefore will only restart engines that are still hot. After using Rescue to get their engines running again, drivers are advised to proceed immediately to the nearest gas station and refill their gas tanks.

Rescue is claimed to be compatible will all gasoline fuel systems, but it should not be used in diesel engines. Its non-refillable packaging, which is specially coated to protect the contents from evaporating, features a child-resistant cap, a foil nozzle seal and a detachable and adjustable spout, which locks onto the bottle for precise pouring. Once attached, the spout cannot be removed, which prevents the bottle from being refilled and reused. Rescue retails for about $14.99 and is available at most major automotive retailers and mass merchants.