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Driving Today is an editorially independent online resource that offers automotive enthusiasts useful and entertaining features, news and information on the major trends, personalities and new products shaping the automotive industry.

Editorial Team

Luigi Fraschini has written about cars, carbuying and the car industry on four continents.  His articles have appeared in a number of prestigious publications, and he is frequently quoted in the general press on automotive subjects as diverse as classic automobiles and autonomous cars. He is a strong proponent of auto safety and is well-known as a consumer advocate.

Senior Associate Editor

Boston-based Tom Ripley began his auto-writing career as an expert on classic cars, but he quickly expanded his reach to a wide variety of other auto-related subjects. Now his new-car reviews and features are widely regarded as among the most well-written and useful pieces on the Web.

Associate Editor

Eric C. Nerad is a veteran ASE-certified mechanic turned auto journalist.  The owner of an independent auto repair shop for more than 30 years, Nerad has encountered and repaired just about every problem a vehicle could have.  With his superior knowledge of vehicles, he also became a successful used-car dealer. Most recently he has put his decades of knowledge to use in helping consumers find reliable vehicles that will meet their needs.

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StudioOne is a privately owned media company that works with nationally known subject matter experts and top editors to create high-quality independent editorial content supported by corporate sponsors and syndicated across a variety of leading multimedia platforms.